Belly Option (32/38 Option)


Belly Option

Playcall: 32 option, 38 option

Backfield action: The belly option is probably NU's most famous option. It is the option we most often hear other teams talk about adding to their playbooks. The intricate timing of this option though often frustrates those efforts.

The belly option is identified by the path of the fullback and quarterback. The QB reverses out, opening away from the play call. The FB takes an off-tackle path. After the fake from the QB, the FB bounces outside to lead the QB if he keeps.

Blocking: The belly option is blocked with a G-scheme. The playside guard pulls out to block the end man on the line of scrimmage. The tackle and TE (if the formation has one) down block (block to the inside) to cover for the pulling guard. The FBs block can be either inside or outside the pulling G. The FB must read the G-block to decide.

Formations: Nebraska runs this play out of any two-back set. It can be run to the tight end side or the split side. When run to a SE, the G-scheme becomes a fold block between the guard and tackle. The belly option can also be run out of the three-back Power set, with the middle back leading the option just like a fullback in arc option.

In 1999, Solich began running this play out of Double Wing (see right) with the WB coming around as the pitch back. The was possible when the Double Wing formation was altered to include the FB as the only back, instead of the I-back.

  • Tight
  • Pro
  • Open
  • Power
  • Double Wing

Companion Plays: The most obvious companion of the belly option is the off-tackle trap. The line blocking is identical to the G-scheme of the belly option. The backfield action is the same except that the FB gets the ball. The playcall is 32/38 trap. On the white board at halftime of Crystal Clear there is a notation of a 32 pull that could be this play.

Nebraska also throws play-action passes off of this option.

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