New Champions take the page
Congratulations to the new state champions.  We’re working on playoff brackets to show their paths to glory. Watch for them on this page soon.
Five left to go.
We found a picture of Winnebago last week on the Bancroft-Rosalie web site. Then we heard form a former Hyannis coach (right).   That leaves us with five helmets to go, Pender in D1, three teams in D2 (Bruning-Davenport, Stapleton/McPherson County, and Sandhills/Thedford), and South Platte in six-man.
Bridgeport fixed
We heard from a former Bridgeport coach and we’ve fixed up our Bulldog helmet.
Now.  Class C is done.  On to the final ten.
We have a more reliable version of Gordon-Rushville, making Class C1 complete (and we think, pretty up to date).  C2 is there too, minus Bridgeport which we’ve had a glance at, but are only guessing at the B.  In the final three classes we only have 10 schools not represented.  Now, that doesn’t count a few which we’ve created out of whole-cloth, but that’s the plan for now on schools we have zero info on.
Wow. Westside joins the wave of change
District 66’s favorite football team has make a big change.  Westside has gone to a black shell and mask.  They still have their own version of the flying W (notice the pointy center spire) but it doesn’t have the trim.  Westside has been a white shell with a W for as long as I can remember.  I recall the Jeff Taylor-led 1981 state champs as having a more traditional W, but a W none the same.  Anyone have a picture from that era?
C2 and C1 now ‘complete’
We have a helmet representing every Class C1 and C2 school now up on the site.  Hold your applause though.  Gordon-Rushville is simply a creation of ours using their uniform colors (we’ve found pics of their jerseys) and a logo from the school website.  We still need a solid lead on the helmet (heck, we couldn’t even get the horse running the right way!).  
And, Bridgeport’s helmet on the C2 page is a leap and a prayer from one picture from a bad angle on the Scottsbluff Star Herald site.  Further info is needed on that one also.
Opening Night (Take Two)
It’s week one now and most games have kicked off.  I hope those of you reading this after watching Friday night games will send us a note if you saw a helmet we don’t have drawn on the site. (COACHMAYS41 AT YAHOO.COM) We’ll be watching the highlight shows and scouring the newspapers!
I hope we don’t see changes in any of my favorite helmets like this one from Fort Calhoun.   To the right is the new Sandy Creek helmet which we saw in the Kearney Hub and on KHAS-TV (where they used a couple of our helmets as game graphics).
Plattsmouth makes change
The only change we’ve seen in Class B so far is one we were advised about this summer when the Plattsmouth High gave us a heads up on the shift from script “Devils” to a Purdue-ish “P”.  We’ve had our drawing done for a while, but the helmet looked even better in the pics online at the Plattsmouth Journal.
Ch-Ch-Changes in Class A
We’ve found our third and fourth changes in Class A.  Omaha Northwest has a new helmet under new Coach Damon Benning.  Lincoln High has also made a change, although a slight one.
That makes four changes (including Northeast and Fremont) out of 28 teams, about 14%.   I doubt any other class can match that rate of change.  
Return of the Rocket
Coach Smith has brought back the great LNE Rocket logo on the helmets, giving us our second helmet change in Class A this year.  Here’s hoping that the Lincoln Journal gets a good picture of the Omaha Northwest helmet today in their game at Lincoln.  
New year, New helmets!
Opening night is almost here, and with it, we expect a bunch of news on new helmets.  We’ll be checking the newspapers and TV news, but are best source is you: email us at coachmays41 AT yahoo DOT com with new designs.
We’ve already got two on our radar:  Coach Breckner gave us a heads up that Doniphan-Trumbull had changed to black shells.  Then, last week, we saw in the Fremont Tribune that the Tigers had a new logo.  Here they are:
We’ve also been frantically updating our D1 and D2 helmets and both classes are much closer to completion.  Let us know if you can help with a missing design.
Take Two
Welcome to the re-design of the Nebraska High School Football Helmet Project. After one year and lots of high school football, we are changing some things and adding some others in our quest to eventually present helmets for every high school in the Cornhusker State.
The Nebraska High School Helmet Project owes its inspiration to Charles Arey's fabulous Helmet Project which covers all college and pro helmets. Ours pales in imitation and covers a much smaller scope, but we hope Nebraska football fans will enjoy our work.
We are a father-son team that enjoys football helmets, nicknames, etc... We will make every effort to continue to improve the helmets on our site. As we attempt to get as many of Nebraska's 300+ football-playing high schools represented, we have to take some shortcuts with the artwork. We hope by launching the site, we can encourage others to help us find the level of detail and artwork we need to make them even better.
If you want to help, send pictures or copies of your team’s logo to our email address: coachmays41 AT (replacing AT with @, of course).
Our primary artist is an 12-year old boy doing his first work with graphic arts. His father helps when he can, but is primarily concerned with gathering helmet 'evidence' from the Internet.  He’s always trying to complete new helmets or improve existing ones.
In this new version of the site, we’re trying to expand a couple of our auxiliary sections: fantasy helmets and state championship teams.  We’re also trying to develop some graphics to honor state playoff teams.
2009 State Champions
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