Arc Option (41/49 Sprint)

Arc Option

Playcall: 41/49 Sprint

Backfield action: In the arc option there is no fullback fake. The QB steps (almost hops back) and immediately attacks his option path. The FB arcs out to lead block. Getting the FB onto his skybox block is the key to the timing of this play. This is the option where we see the QB pitch to an I-back who instantly gets a springing block from the leading FB.

Blocking: Arc option is blocked using Outside Zone principals. Speed and Veer option are also blocked this way up front. This use of one line blocking scheme for several plays is one factor that allows Nebraska to have so much in its offensive playbook.

Formations: Nebraska can run arc option out of any two-back set. Because of the outside zone blocking, it can be run to or away from the TE side, which makes it a flexible call. It can also be run out of the three-back Power set.

Companion Plays: Nebraska throws play-action passes off of this option. This may also be an option that the Huskers run the pass-run option, where the QB comes down the line like option, raises up to throw the slant or other quick pattern, then pulls the ball down if the receiver isn't open and runs option. I always refer to that as the Turner Gill Special because I don't know the real name, but I suspect it may be 41/49 Sprint Pass.

Another companion is what some call the "Turner Gill Special", a play developed by Osborne in the early eighties for the current NU quarterback coach. Gill would come out from under center and look to hit a quick slant pass. If the slant wasn't there, Gill pulled down the ball and continued down the line to run option. This is the play that Jeff Smith scored NU's final touchdown in the ill-fated loss to Miami in the 1984 Orange Bowl.

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