Iso (44/46 Iso)

Play call: 44/46 Iso

Iso plays have long been a Husker favorite. This is the power in power football-- the straight ahead, hide nothing, knock some people down and run them over play.

On an Iso one linebacker is chosen to attack. The FB will be responsible for this LB, as he leads the I-back to the hole. This leaves the line to account for the defensive lineman and, usually, one other linebacker. This is primarily done with lock-on blocks by those linemen covered by DLs (guards and tackles will worry about DLs on their inside shoulder first), and with uncovered linemen releasing to attack the linebacker who is not being isolated by the fullback.

The iso also often allows for a double team on the DL in front of the isolated linebacker without worry of which OL needs to get off on backer. One of the few line pulls on an iso play is caused when the center must call for help from the guard because the defender's alignment has created a poor blocking angle. In this case, the backside guard will pull around the center and guard and look for the backside LB.

The FB accounts for the linebacker with a straight ahead block. This is the block that the words Nebraska fullback bring to the mind of most football people. The fullback leads the I-back through the hole, and the IB reads his block, cutting whichever way the fullback's butt turns.

Nebraska runs Iso plays over the guards (44 or 46 Iso), but the defenses alignment will sometimes cause the isolation to happen closer to the tackle holes or even out near the tight end.

This play looks very similar to Sprint Draw when the FB leads up the middle. One way to distinguish the two is by quarterback's opening footwork. If he opens to the play it is draw, if he opens opposite, it is iso.


Nebraska runs the isolation out of any two back formation, and to either side of the formation. Out of the Power set NU also runs double isolation plays with two fullbacks leading the way.

Companion plays:

Double Iso. With a three-back formation like Power, Nebraska can send two fullbacks at the isolated linebacker. This is very common in short yardage or at the goal line. Ahman Green's first TD of the Orange Bowl win over Tennessee is an example of this. Nebraska calls the Maryland I set with a second fullback replacing the wingback Green instad of Power.


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