A look inside...

The bad news: Our look at the Husker playbook is going off-line for the time being.

The good news: It will return bigger and better than ever on a CD-ROM which should be available as part of the Big Red Anthology, a product of Mark Fricke's Husker Press Box.


UPDATE: The product demo is finished and looks great! We are now hopeful for a SPRING RELEASE. I'm keeping a mailing list to update intertested people on the release of this CD-ROM and other Nebraska Playbook products. If you would like to be included, email me at mays@inebraska.com.

The better news: The CD-ROM format will allow us to use not only text and diagrams, but also video clips from Cornhusker games. This officially liscensed product will let you read about the play, look at the Xs&Os and watch the video clip all on the same screen. More features are being added all the time to make this the best Husker computer product ever!

Take a look at the right hand column, and you'll see that the CD-ROM Video Playbook will offer more than we could ever offer on this site.

On the site, we will continue to offer commentary and game scripts to help you learn more about the Husker system. This will compliment the CD-ROM. We are also working on other web-based, CD-based and print products about the Nebraska system.

Working List of the CD-ROM Contents:

Running Game:
  • Options
  • Counters
  • Traps
  • Power Game
  • Draws
Passing Game:
  • Dropback (Deep and Quick Drops)
  • Option Passes
  • Play Action Passes
  • Screens
Trick Plays:
  • Bumeroski
  • Fumbleroski
  • Bounceroski
  • Reverses
  • Fronts: Over, Shade, Even
  • Linebacker shifts
  • Line stunts
  • Blitzes: Zone, Fire, Linebacker, Man
  • Coverages: Man, Zones, Combo coverages
  • Personnel packages
Kicking Game:
  • Field Goals
  • Punting
  • Kickoff Coverage
  • Kick returns
  • Punt returns
  • Field Goal Block