Sprint Draw (43/47 Draw)

Play call: 43/47 Draw

It may be that only Nebraska would call this play a draw, because there really isn't much of a pass fake going on anywhere in the play. It is basically the I-back Dive with the fullback lead blocking. This play enables the Huskers to run the I-back inside to the weakside of the formation.

The lineman still block Inside Zone Rules, the I-back and quarterback's footwork is nearly identical to the IB Dive. The fullback has to read the defensive alignment. If the playside guard is covered, he will block the inside LB. If that guard is uncovered he is responsible for the last man on the line of scrimmage. The IB must still press the line of scrimmage before choosing his running lane.

While the I-back Dive is used primarily to the stong side of the formation, the Sprint Draw can be run to the weak side, even if the defenses reduces (moves one man toward the center) because the FB lead gives NU one more blocker. When the Sprint Darw is run to the strong side the FB is an extra blocker.

This play looks very similar to Iso when the FB leads up the middle. One way to distinguish the two is by the quarterback's opening footwork. If he opens to the play it is a draw, if he opens opposite, it is iso.


Nebraska runs this out of any two-back formation, especially ones that have a split end side.

Companion plays:

Play-action passing (53/57 passes). Nebraska has a entire package of passes off the sprint draw action. It is the only running play to have different number in the play-action passing game. They run a variety of patterns.


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